Wanted: RARP Server for 4.3bsd Vax

Wanted: RARP Server for 4.3bsd Vax

Post by J. Robert Wa » Mon, 02 Jul 1990 07:43:00

Hello Net,

Does anyone have a RARP (Reverse Address Resolution Protocol)
server for a Vax running 4.3bsd (or Ultrix 1.2) ?

By that, I mean a program capable of answering RARP requests
on the network, such as the /etc/rarp program delivered with
Sun's Unix.

If so, I'd be grateful if whoever has such a beast could mail
me a copy,

Many thanks in advance,
        - Robert.

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Whever wrote the Net-Bootings howto missed a simple paragraph.

If your kernal doesnt have RARP support how do you add it ?????????

I've looked high and low for three days for a RARP module and some
instructions for non-unix Gurus'

All I want to do is add RARP support to my RedHat 5.2 System so I can
boot my sun :-)

Any ideas.

Please mail me

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