Sys Admin Training Course ?

Sys Admin Training Course ?

Post by Surendra Go » Fri, 15 Jan 1993 22:52:52


Does anybody know of any short (3-5 days) course on Unix System
Admin. training? Is there any company in the Washington DC area
which provide on-site or off-site training for small group?
Is there any video or some other AV material on this topic

Please e-mail to me directly because I do not read this newsgroup

Thanks for any help.


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1. recommended SYS V and BSD systems for Intro Sys Admin course

Hi All

I've been asked to lecture a 3 day Intro to Unix System Administration.

I know FreeBSD quite well, and thought I'd used that as a reference BSD

Any recommendations for a SYSV system? Is Linux close enough? I know nothing
about it.

Failing that, I guess SCO would be a good bet. Which leads me to wonder -
what about the licensing?

SCO have a free 2 user license for home use, and say it's free for academic
purposes. Would giving a sysadmin course for 6 guys for a little training
company constitute academic use?

Also, for a book I am very happy with the "Unix System Administrator's
Bible" by Yves lePage etc.

Any other suggestions or comments?

All welcome, and please cc me on any posts. Our news server is a tad


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Cape Town
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