How to send a Mail to a internet address attaching a file

How to send a Mail to a internet address attaching a file

Post by Paola Gordil » Sat, 13 Jul 1996 04:00:00

i need to know how to attach a file (1Mb, binary or text) to an
internet mail using UNIX commands.

 Any suggestions appreciated.


1. How to send an attached file in a mail ?


I'd like to write a scripthell which would send a mail with an attached file
You know :

Hello Mr,

Here are your files

FILE 1, FILE 2, FILE 3 etc ....

But NOT ( which is easy to do with the command "mail" ) :

Hello Mr,

Here are what contain your files :

 etc ....

I've been searching the RFC's about SMTP and MIME for a long time,
but I'm afraid I dont't really understand their explanations
Coud anyone give some advice ?

Thank you

P.S. : they are TEXT files
P.P.S. : Maybe you'll find my way of writing curious/bad, that's because I'm

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