ttymon fails to drop DTR?

ttymon fails to drop DTR?

Post by Adam Donnis » Sat, 13 Mar 1993 11:08:46

I have ESIX SVR4.0.3a with all the patches for that release.  I have a
Specialix SI with 12 ports (a 4 port and an 8 port expansion).  I have a
V32 modem (Interlink Fasbit II).  AND I have a problem.

Most of the time the system works well, it dials out, connects, uucps,
drops DTR, the line drops, all is well.

BUT after about 3 days of working fine, ttymon fails to drop DTR.  THis
results in the modem holding the line open indefinately.  If I do :
stty 0 < /dev/term/[offending line]
DTR drops and the modem drops the phone line O.K.  I can also get back
control by stopping the ttymon port monitor (not the service, the
monitor) and restarting it.  Just disabling, and re-enabling the service
does no good.

The service is configured as :

19200NP Hangup, Connect on Carrier, Timeout 30, Wait Read on 1.

Does anyone know what is going on here?

P.S. The system is a 386/33 with 380MB ESDI and 8MB RAM.


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1. DCD Drops, then DTR Drops, Want to Increase Delay (SLIP)

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When this happens, Linux drops DTR in response, and the connection
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What I would like to do is increase the delay between the time Linux
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If someone could direct me to the portion of the code that monitors
DCD and drops DTR, I can take care of the rest.  But I've looked all
through /usr/src/linux/ ..... (I forget the rest of the path to
serial.c), grepped on things like DCD and DTR in as much of the rest
of the source as I can find, and don't see where it's happening.

Linux version is 0.99.15, Slackware 1.1.2, using agetty in inittab to
open up the serial ports (for some reason I was not able to get getty
or getty_ps to do what I needed, probably just a config or RTFM
problem, but in any case agetty works fine).

Any assistance or pointers gratefully accepted.

 . . . . . ep

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