Nonuser in SCO

Nonuser in SCO

Post by Paul Casse » Wed, 05 Jun 2002 04:37:27

Hi Group,
    I'm running SCO UNIX 5 and have recently been getting an error msg on
boot that 'nonuser' isn't in the passwd file. I also can't run the Account
Manager in SCOADMIN. It fails after launch. At the bottom of this message is
the text of the error log.
    We had some power problems in this room (UPS failed) over the last
weekend which, I suppose knocked something out. I shut the system down, then
put it on a good UPS then booted when I noted this error message and also
noted that I can't get into Account Manager. I suppose I need to add this
nonuser account to some file, but have no idea how to proceed. Any
suggestions? Please keep in mind that I'm only nursing this system along for
a bit longer until we move to a new hosted system where I'll not have
sysadmin duties. My training isn't in UNIX (I'm self taught). I'm over on
the NT side of things, but do need to keep this running for a bit longer.
None of the manuals I have mention this nonuser business so I'm unsure if
these are related problems. I only know that the two problems occurred at
the same time. Thanks for any ideas.

Text of error:

Uncaught error in Tcl program: scoadmin:
(vTcl interp) Failed reading Receive Msg length - Unknown error(vTcl interp)
No Server Connection - missing VtOpen ?
Error code = NONE
(vTcl interp) Failed reading Receive Msg length - Unknown error
    while executing
"VtUnLock "
    ("off" arm line 2)
    invoked from within
"case $state {
  {on} {
  {off} {
    (procedure "UIWait" line 6)
    invoked from within
"UIWait off"
    (procedure "ActivateTrigger" line 31)
    invoked from within
"ActivateTrigger  [keylget obj title]  [keylget obj activate]  [keylget obj
path] "
    (procedure "ActivateObject" line 5)
    invoked from within
"ActivateObject  [keylget record object] "
    ("o" arm line 1)
    invoked from within
"case [keylget record type] in {
  {d} { ActivateDir  [keylget record path] down $item }
  {o} { ActivateObject  [keylget record object] }
  {f} { Acti ..."
    (procedure "ActivateItem" line 7)
    invoked from within
"ActivateItem [UIGetDirListSelection] "
    invoked from within
"if {[SysadmshMode]} {
  SysActivateItem [UIGetDirListSelection]
 } else {
  ActivateItem [UIGetDirListSelection]
    (procedure "OpenCB" line 2)
    invoked from within
    (procedure "DirListDoubleCB" line 5)
    invoked from within
"DirListDoubleCB {{dialog
.scoadmin.desktopForm_popup.desktopForm.desktopForm} {widget
.scoadmin.desktopForm_popup.desktopForm.desktopForm.dirListSW.di ..."
    invoked from within
    (procedure "UIStart" line 46)
    invoked from within
"UIStart $versionNumber"
    invoked from within
"if [InvokeManagerMode] {
   if {[SysadmshMode]} {
    set str [IntlLocalizeMsg  SCO_SCOADMIN_ERR_NO_SYS_APP  [list
    set InvokeManag ..."
    invoked from within
"if [info exists configureMode] {
  set language [IXIGetLanguage]
 } else {
  ChangeDir $rootDir
  if {![InvokeManagerMode]} {
   se ..."
    (procedure "Main" line 13)
    invoked from within
    ("uplevel" body line 1)
    invoked from within
"uplevel $command"


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