GNU Emacs and mp

GNU Emacs and mp

Post by Jeff A. Halle » Thu, 02 Aug 1990 13:54:00

Some of you may be aware of the mp filter that was made available over
the network a while ago (its purpose is to take UNIX mail files as
input and process them so they will pretty-print to a PostScript
printer).  Well, I've been trying to call that from a
call-process-input inside Emacs.  If I substitute the command "cat"
for the "mp" command, I get the correct output.  Using "mp" as the
command, gives me no output at all.  Apparently, mp is doing something
kind of funky with stdin that I can't determine.  (I've tried using
full pathnames and shell scripts too with the same effect.)

If anyone out there can offer any help, I'd be much obliged.  Please
send me mail as I don't read some of these newsgroups much.

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