where did the 24 come from in 2^24*512=8GB fs limit??

where did the 24 come from in 2^24*512=8GB fs limit??

Post by John Vanderpo » Sat, 01 Oct 1994 04:22:40

where did the 24 come from in 2^24*512=8GB file system size limit??

was it a DEC/PDP-11 limit or some other historical thing?

it could do 2^31=2GB for file size limit

why not 2^31*512=1024GB fs limit?

guess maybe it never looked possible at that time (of original *nix
fs development) when disks of 100MB were considered humongous.

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        I'm producing high-quality ray-traced images with 24-bit color.
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        To view these images as they ought to be viewed, and use my
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David Young (Computer Enthusiast and Nice Guy)

David Young (Computer Enthusiast and Nice Guy)
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