shell books review

shell books review

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                 Books on Shell:  An Annotated Guide

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Using this Guide

This is a guide to learning the UNIX shell.  The  focus  is  on  book-
length  treatment of either the Bourne or C shell, though I do mention
some other books that use the shell  in  particularly  interesting  or
useful ways.  Except for Bourne, I omit introductory UNIX books.

** indicates the best book of its type.

Introductory Shell                   ** UNIX Shell Programming Stephen
                                     G  Kochan  and  Patrick  H  Wood,
** UNIX C Shell Field Guide  Gail    1985, 422pp ($24.95).   The  best
Anderson and Paul Anderson, 1986,    single  book on shells.  Emphasis
374pp   ($23.95).     The    most    is on Bourne shell, with chapters
thorough  treatment  of  C  shell    on  C shell and Korn shell.  Cov-
available.                           ers shell functions.

UNIX Shell Programming Lowell Jay    The   UNIX   Shell    Programming
Arthur,   1986,  261pp  ($22.95).    Language  Rod  Manis  and  Marc H
Good   presentation   of   Bourne    Meyer,  1986,   300pp   ($24.95).
shell.  Covers shell functions.      Bourne  shell  is the focus, with
                                     chapters on System V shell,  Korn
The  UNIX  System  V  Environment    shell,  and C shell.  Part V con-
Stephen  R  Bourne,  1986,  378pp    sists of 76 pages of  VERY  handy
($23.95).   Updates  his  popular    shell scripts written as a set of
The  UNIX  System.   Chapter  8's    manual pages.  Also treats  named
scripts are  stellar,  especially    pipes.
the tennis ladder.

c 1986 by Jim Joyce.  Permission to reprint this in its
entirety  is granted so long as author's name, affilia-
tion, address, and phone number are included.
*UNIX is a Registered Trademark of AT&T

Advanced  Programmer's  Guide  to
UNIX  System  V  Rebecca  Thomas,
Lawrence R Rogers and Jean Yates,
1986,   575pp  ($21.95).   Treats
Bourne and C shell.

Intermediate Shell

** The UNIX Programming  Environ-
ment  Brian  W  Kernighan and Rob
Pike,   1984,   357pp   ($22.95).
Must-read for serious UNIX users.
Well written and insightful.

Shell for System Administration

UNIX System Administration  David
Fiedler and Bruce H Hunter, 1986,
320pp ($24.95).   Chock  full  of
useful scripts.

UNIX System  Security  Patrick  H
Wood  and Stephen G Kochan, 1985,
299pp ($34.95).  Appendices  have
valuable Bourne shell scripts.


1. Book Review - Learning the bash Shell

:      title: Learning the bash Shell
:         by: Cameron Newham + Bill Rosenblatt
:  publisher: O'Reilly & Associates 1995
:   subjects: computing
:      other: 292 pages, index

: Like the other books in O'Reilly's _Learning_ series, _Learning the
: bash Shell_ is aimed at novices but is also useful to experienced
: users.  It begins with the basics, making no assumptions that the user
: has any experience with other shells or even with Unix, and would make
: a decent introduction to shell programming.  The coverage is, however,
: comprehensive, with later chapters covering the more obscure features
: of bash and the more complex aspects of shell programming.

        I proofread a copy of this for them.  
        There are two pages of this book that are worth
        the whole cover price.  In particular there is a
        ~14 time list that describes the precise parsing
        steps taken by bash on a given line of input (command).

        This will clear up all of the questions any user
        ever had about what types of quotes to use and
        where.  Most of the concepts on this list apply to
        other shells as well.

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