automake: adding new file type

automake: adding new file type

Post by Fumisky Well » Tue, 15 Apr 2003 00:24:05

Hi all,

I have no idea how to add new dependency (file extention is .b, e.g.
file.b), which depends on C++ header file file.h, in

For example, file.b depends on file.h and the suffix rule is as follows:


File extention ".b" should be new for Automake so that I added the
following at the top of

        >SUFFIXES = .b

Any othe related is as follows:

        >bin_PROGRAMS        = x
        >x_SOURCES   = main.cpp file.h file.b

main.cpp includes file.h and file.h includes file.b.

Unfortunately, when I run "make", at the compiling main.cpp, it failes
because file.b doesn't exist.  file.b should be generated by bgen
as I tried to define at suffix rule.

Could anyone help me why?

Best Regards,


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I'm currently struggling with an automakefile-problem. Depending on a flag set
during configure, I want to use different additional sources for compilation.
Currently I use this in

if FLAG1
        program_SOURCES= a.c b.c c.c
        program_SOURCES= a.c b.c d.c

But I have a lot of flags, thus I have to code every possible combination of
sources, which is not fun... I tried to use previously defined variables
etc. in the program_SOURCES statement, but they are not substituted by
automake. How can I solve that?


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