Scripts and rlogin (newbie question)

Scripts and rlogin (newbie question)

Post by Neil Patterso » Thu, 26 Feb 1998 04:00:00

I want a script which does something like this form host2 :-

xhost +
rlogin host1 -l user
export DISPLAY=host2
[run program]

Q1:  Can I include the password in this script?  How?
Q2:  Once I am logged on as another user, how can I get the script to
continue (do the last bit).
If I must run another script for the last part, which will be the same in
all cases, can I call it from where I am now? (if you get my drift).

Any help appreciated.


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A question regarding rlogin:
I have installed redhat 4 on a small server. Things works fine, but an
rlogin to the server gives an auth. failure and so does an rlogin to
localhost from the root account. (the inetd seems to work fine as a telnet
session from clients at least are asked for a username and passwd)

What needs to be setup for the users so that it is possible to telnet on to
the server.

(by the way the adduser command is the same everywhere (I guess) but what is
the equiv. to Digital UNIX removeuser ???)


Morten Hoff

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