Latest Version of Ytalk?

Latest Version of Ytalk?

Post by Tara Marchan » Wed, 28 Sep 1994 10:51:20

Where can I ftp the latest version of ytalk (I think it's 3.2)?  I've
looked around using archie and veronica on gopher and have had no luck.
Any help would be much appreciated.

Tara R. Marchand        |                 |        Department of Psychology


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It just struck me odd that the latest is 2.4.2 while the prepatches were
2.4.3 so I figured there must be something I missed in between (my logic
told me that a 2.4.3 patch would be against a 2.4.3 something ;-).

BTW, I haven't seen any announcements from Linus in this mailing list
regarding new versions, just the updates on the web site and Alan's release
notes saying he's merging with 2.4.3xx. Are those announcements being posted
somewhere else now ?

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