need examples of socket interface

need examples of socket interface

Post by dhir.. » Tue, 28 Apr 1992 05:18:59

I'm having a tough time with a project I'm working on: a program similar to
that of TALK.  Does anyone know of/have some documented C source code that
demonstrates basic socket interface?  I've RTFM, but I learn better by
example than pouring through MAN.

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1. need socket examples

Here is my goal: I have an application that listens for connections
on a certain port of my machine. I would like to write an application
that will open a connection at that port on the local machine, send
some data and disconnect. I have to admit I am totally ignorant on
sockets, etc, so I was wondering if anyone would have any examples
to send me, so I can write this application.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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