VAX Assembler

VAX Assembler

Post by lsalo » Tue, 04 Dec 1990 06:16:54

Is there anyone out there who knows VAX assembler, whom I can bother
periodically today with stupid questions?  If you want to volunteer, send

Q - the "Q"uestor for knowledge (, a degree, etc.)

"Gee Wally, I think there's something wrong with the Beaver."


1. m32 is a wonderful macro assembler for the VAX


    When I took CS300 at Purdue, they taught assembler (Now it is mostly C).
They used a nifty assembler called m32, which is short for Macro 32.  It
supports macros and all sorts of neat stuff.  It ran under BSD4.1, but I think
it should be possible to run it under 4.3 without any problems.

    If there is any interest, send me Email.  I will talk to my old professor
and get the the source IF I can.  I am not sure it is available.

                                        Ray Moody


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