Looking for file archival utility

Looking for file archival utility

Post by Peter J. Sco » Sat, 28 Mar 1992 02:39:07

We're looking for a commercial file archival tool.  I say
commercial 'cos the combination of features we require tend
to suggest that to me, although if anyone knows of a really
good PD tool that fits the bill, let me know!  We need something that:

 - runs on Sun 4s and HP 700s at a minimum;

 - will archive files to almost any kind of storage device (we have
   many, ranging from Exabytes to jukeboxes);

 - will archive files to devices across the network;

 - will associate a tag and/or comment string with files when archived;

 - will do on-line lookup by file name, type, date, tag, comment, and
   boolean combinations thereof, with wildcard matching;

 - provides an easy interface for restoring files matching any of the
   criteria in the previous line to their original or alternate

 - provides sysadmins with statistical information on the archival media;

 - is easily used for basic operations by novices;

 - preferably has a GUI interface *in addition to* command line.

Thanks in advance, and I'll summarize the positive responses.

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1. Looking for suggestions for archival, backup and recovery software

I am interested in locating software, commercial or freed, which would assist
a company in managing Unix disk space.  The types of things that would be best
would be :

integrated in such a way that changes to the operating system would not be

assistance in moving disk files which have no read access over a set period of
time onto another format, still transparently accessible by users.

movement of software from unix disks onto tape

management of said tapes for control and recovery purposes.  In the IBM world
there are tape systems such as TMS which work very well in that environment.

Ability for a user to locate and initial recoveries of files with proper
access restrictions.

Ability for a recovery to occur in a location OTHER than its backup spot.

reliable backup without single user or unmounting of file system.

identification of bad backups at the time of backups - perhaps even error

soft and hardcopy reporting of file movement, etc.

I would also be interested in hearing other areas of concern.
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