corrupt tar file (not -z)

corrupt tar file (not -z)

Post by debi.. » Sat, 22 Apr 2000 04:00:00

I have a tar file on a 4mm DAT tape.  I accidently
tried to write over it and lost the beginning of
the tape where tar wrote a ~zero length tar file.

I tried the 'dd if=/dev/nst0' command and it gives
20 records for the first file.  0 for the second.
and I/O errors for the third and all subsequent
attempts.  The 'mt fsf' command does the same.

Does anyone know how to recover from this?

And, yes, we all know how to avoid it in the
future--check the write lock tab before restoring.

running linux 5.1 on a pentium based processor.

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1. Extracting files with tar and uncompress fails with tar: Archive - EOF not on block boundary


Two(2) tared then compressed files were created using the following in
a directory where there are a few hundred files on a Sun Solaris 2.6

tar -cvf - [a-k]* 2> /tq03/backup/backup_$dd/data_ltoz.log$dd | \
  compress -cf > /tq03/backup/backup_$dd/data_ltoz_$dd.$SID.Z

tar -cvf - [l-z]* 2> /tq03/backup/backup_$dd/data_ltoz.log$dd | \
  compress -cf > /tq03/backup/backup_$dd/data_ltoz_$dd.$SID.Z

I run the following commands to extract the files on a different
server (still Solaris 2.6) in a different directory than the files are

uncompress -cf /tq01/clone_source/oradata/ |
tar xvf –

uncompress -cf /tq01/clone_source/oradata/ |
tar xvf –

The first is successfully extracted but during the 2nd extract of the
following error is returned:

Several files successfully extracted…
tar: Archive - EOF not on block boundary
tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

Does anyone have any ideas on how to extract the files?  I am thinking is corrupt, hope not but have not found
another reason for the error.  Ran tar tzvf
and get the same error.

Tad Stephens

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