System call tell how many files open in a process

System call tell how many files open in a process

Post by Piano M » Sun, 27 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Hi all,

 I am using Sun OS 4.1.3.  Is there a system call that tell me
how many file handles and/or file descriptors that my process
is currently opened.  Many thanks.  Please e-mail in addition
to posting.  Many thanks.



1. How can a process tell if another process has a file open?

Is there a way to tell if another process has a file open? I'm running two
processes which open the same file (call them process A and process B).
Process A creates the file, writes to it, and closes it. Process B is
monitoring the directory where process A will be creating files. When it
detects a file, it will open it, read and process it, close it, and remove
the file.

My problem is that I have no control over process A. This process is
developed by another organization here at NCR. I can only control
process B. Is there any way that process B can detect if process A (or
any other process) has the file open?

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