Looking for a better 'tar' than 'tar'

Looking for a better 'tar' than 'tar'

Post by Mark D. Conn » Wed, 23 Feb 1994 00:31:32

        I'm looking for a better tape archive program than 'tar'.  I'm
looking for the same functionality as tar (adding files to an archive,
multiple archives, etc.), but I need something that deals gracefully
with read errors.  I'm running DEC ULTRIX on a DECstation 5000, and
our version of tar aborts if it encounters a read error on the tape,
making the rest of the archive following the error inaccessible.  

        Backward compatibility is not required - this will be used to
create new archives rather than working with archives made by tar.

Mark D. Conner
Dept. of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
Purdue University


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Craig Barnes

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