Request for info on forms/paper management on UNIX systems.

Request for info on forms/paper management on UNIX systems.

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At this site we print on various different forms. If we had same
number of printers as the number of forms then there would be no
problem (but this is not very feasible).

At present, the person wanting to change the form has to send a
message to all users that (s)he is going to change the paper. You
could envisage what problems we have.

Does some in net land have programs that do some form of forms

We run Ultrix-32 V1.2 on VAX 11/750. (Is Ultrix-32 V2.0 out yet ?!).

I would appreciate replies by mail and post/mail the summary if nned

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I am looking for a product that can automate the management of our
networked HP 9000/UX platforms.  The product should be able to monitor
resources for all the platforms including but not limited to CPU
performance, DASD performance, Security, Database performance (Sybase,
Oracle), User Administration, Alarms, Job scheduling, etc., etc.

I would like your suggestions and recommendations.  Any first hand info
on the following products will be greatly appreciated:

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Thank you,
Sashi Menon (713) 877-6777

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