API for printing?

API for printing?

Post by Rich Bra » Sun, 23 Jun 1991 00:05:08

I have a background mainly on DEC systems (VMS, TOPS-10/20, etc.) and
have found one seemingly-glaring omission in both major flavors of Unix
(BSD and SysV):  a standardized queue-management application/programming
interface.  Virtually every mainframe system of the past had tens
of software-person-years tied up in this area.

I have a package which currently runs on IBM-PC's which has a Macintosh-
like printing interface, allowing one to select various parameters,
issue a print request and check on its status.  It is now being ported
to Unix.

What's the best way to accomplish this under Unix?  (I need to support
both flavors.)  Must I pipe commands to and from system utilities, which
tend to vary quite a bit between vendors and releases?



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I need an API to ISPELL. I am planning to use ISPELL as
the spell checker in a word processing package we are developing.
I need function calls whereby I can check whether a particular
word exists in the dictionary. I also need an API which returns
posible choces for a particular word which does not exist in the

I would appreciate any help in this regard. Please copy me
by email on any replies posted since I am posting this to
quite a number of news groups. I don't want to miss any replies.

Thanks a lot.


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