HP 520 InkJet LP interface script, anyone?

HP 520 InkJet LP interface script, anyone?

Post by Steve Prowt » Sun, 05 Jun 1994 04:32:59

Looking for an LP interface script which will work with
an HP 520 InkJet.  The platform is Interactive Unix 3.2
3.x, but that's probably not too important.

Anyone know where I might find one?  Perhaps Sunsoft has
an ftp server?  Any clues greatly appreciated!




1. Great LP interface script for HP!

I see many people complaining about the System V LP system all of the
time, but I have to say that I prefer its flexibility.  Sure, one can
no longer add a printer just by editing one file, but this is more than
made up for by additional features.

I'd like to help everyone out by pointing out the interface script
written by Rick Richardson of Digi International (see
http://www.dgii.com/people/rick/ under his "Free Software From Me"

This script of his lets you harness the full power of HP's
printers under the LP system.  Here's Rick's little blurb:

    Need a decent Unix lp model for an HP LaserJet? My hp4laser lp spooler
    model is just the ticket. It supports almost all the fancy features
    of the HP LaserJet IV printers, including automatic detection and
    reliable switching between PCL and Postscript modes. It even puts
    cute messages up on the printer display. New! now includes hooks and
    sample scripts to automatically power up/down the printer using X10
    home automation controllers.

I even use Rick's script to preprocess our print jobs before re-firing
them off to JetAdmin.  I hacked a copy of the script to put all output
in a file instead of on standard output, and then at the end I "lp -c
-d hp4mv_1 $FILE".  This runs as a local printer on each workstation,
so that the name display feature of Rick's script still works.

I mention this here because this work of Rick's has saved me so much
time and trouble over the years and some people may not know about it.

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               Snail: 2405 Juan Street, San Diego CA 92110-2805 USA
               My Home Page URL:  http://www.info.com/jimmy/

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