`Nested (`Nested Subshells`) Subshells`

`Nested (`Nested Subshells`) Subshells`

Post by Todd C. Gleaso » Sat, 05 Jun 1993 23:11:01

I'm trying to nest commands in a script file so that I can do an if
checking in one command.  Here's the command thus far:

if ((`/bin/hostname | fgrep -c mirror` == 1) && `(((finger | grep
"whoami") | grep "tty | cut -c9-11") | fgrep -c vortex)` != 0) then

As can be seen, even with the parentheses, the shell doesn't like it.
It won't ever run the inside when it is supposed to.  The problem seems
to be that when it fingers, it greps for the string "whoami", not for
the string returned if one ran "whoami".  But since the finger is itself
enclosed in backquotes, how does one quote the whoami such that it

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I have a requirement to able to set environment variables in s script
and provide the value remain in the invoking shell.

For example using ksh I can create a script a.sh as:
      export CVS
Then I can execute the script in the same shell  (using the ".
<sp><file> )as follows:
     .  ./a.sh

This results in the envir var CVS being set in the invoking shell.

Now, I have users wanting to use tcsh; can this be done in tcsh??
ie invoke a script that runs in the invoking shell so that environment
changes are retained ??

Thanks in advance for you help.


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