Help with using getty for dialin on Linux box

Help with using getty for dialin on Linux box

Post by Donald the Sere » Sat, 16 Jul 1994 03:25:45

Hi all.  I've recently installed Linux on my intel box (486-66, 8M) and
am trying to set it up for dialin access.  I plugged my way through all
of the modem and getty setup stuff and it's working now except....

once i dial in, and log on, i can wander around my disk fine.  But then I
try to telnet somewhere, and the machine just sits there.  After a while,
I got tired and hit ctrl-C.  Back to the prompt, happy as ever.  Tried it
again, same thing.  Tried pine, got nothing, hit ctrl-c, back to prompt.  
Argh.  Can anyone suggest a possible solution or a better newsgroup to
try?  Thanks.  (I don't have these problems logging on locally, btw :))
=-Donald A. Ball Jr., Dept. of Psych., UNC, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3270=-


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