free X-based C source browser/xref/callgraph tool ?

free X-based C source browser/xref/callgraph tool ?

Post by Sergei Poliako » Fri, 29 May 1992 18:39:15

I wonder if there exists a good free X tool to browse C sources.
Capabilities should include cross referencing, call graphs,
macro expansions, etc. : usual stuff, available in integrated
expensive products like Saber, Energize, Procase.

Ability to deal with C++ is a bonus.


1. Looking for X-based file manager/browser/Finder

OK, maybe this is a stupid question, because it seems so obvious a need,

Where can I find an X-based tool for Linux that does something along the
lines of:
        - the NeXT File Browser
        - the Windows File Manager
        - the Macintosh Finder

On other words, an X-based file system browser, ideally with some basic
manipulation tools like drag-copy, deleting, text file viewing, and such.
Ideally, I'd like to be able to double-click on a directory and have it
open up a new window.

The only think I've found so far that's even remotely close is 'dired'
under Emacs -- and that's pretty remote.

How can this not exist?

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