Problem in boot up - ld problems

Problem in boot up - ld problems

Post by CHANG Kai Cheo » Tue, 20 Sep 1994 13:13:19

Dear netters,

The machines in our lab. get hanged while booting, there are error
messages from the run time linker: open error 2 for /usr/lib/ (for machine running SUnOS

The above messages are from s SUN IPX running 4.1.2.  I think the library
should be

For the other machine SUN LX running 4.1.3C, similar error messages
occurred during boot process: can't read struct exec for /usr/lib/

After the mounting NFS process, the getty also report some errors:

init: '/usr/etc/getty "terminal.speed terminal-name" failing, sleeping

Thus the machines are completely hanged.  Does anybody get any ideas???  
I want to make the machines work as soon as possible.  Thanks in advance.

K.C. Chang              Department of Electrical and Electronics Engg.


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