Query for Info-UNIX bulletin board

Query for Info-UNIX bulletin board

Post by Larry Lawren » Sun, 03 Feb 1991 02:48:31

SUBJECT: Need a package for simultaneous file transmission

Is anybody aware of a COMMERCIAL or OPERATIONAL Unix package that
would provide automatic transmission of files, simultaneously to
16 or more remote machines, both non-Unix and Unix?

Simultaneously is defined to mean, all transmissions must begin
within a one-second period or less.

Its reliability must be proven - I know that it could easily be
developed with UUCP, etc., but seek a "complete" package for
inclusion in a larger system.
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NOTE TO sem.brl.mil: I am new at cross-system mail like this
note. I am Larry Lawrence, (703) 883-6661 (MITRE Corp.). Please
call if you have questions. Thanks.
* Larry


1. ISO UNIX Bulletin Board Application Does anyone know of any UNIX bulletin board(group thinking)

type software?  My group would like to be able to use our local network to
brainstorm and discuss various issues, much the way standard news works.  In
addition, we would like to be able to limit access to either the whole system,
or optimally to individual discussions.  It would be nice to be able to choose
from a list of topics, read the existing discussion archives, then post your
own 2 cents.  This functionality is common to PC/MAC bulletin boards, but
I can't remember seeing a UNIX implementation.

        I have been told that I could run a local version of NNTP and have
everyone point their news readers to it.  I am not sure how to limit access
if we do this, and it seems awkward to have to repoint your news reader.  We
may windo up doing this, but there HAS to be a better way.

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Workstation System Engineering Center
7525 Colshire Drive, M.S. Z267, McLean, VA 22102

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