Backing up Novell server via NEXTSTEP NetWare client?

Backing up Novell server via NEXTSTEP NetWare client?

Post by Gerben Wier » Sat, 22 Apr 1995 04:00:00

Hello World,

        Small administrativia, not all groups of this crosspost are carried
here, so answers by email preferred. Also, if something useful comes from this,
I'll make a summary.

        Situation: I have a NEXTSTEP (Mach/Unix) NetWare client which can
connect to a netware server. I am investigating the possibilities of backup. I was
wondering if I can backup the NetWare server from the NEXTSTEP client
reliably. I was thinking about a DAT drive to the NEXTSTEP machine and using
something like dump/restore, tar or SafetyNet.
        Question: What are my options? Can this be done, or more precise,
is someone already doing it?


Gerben Wierda


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I frequently browse through this very interesting newsgroup, but I
hardly ever see any articles about setting up Linux as a Novell
NetWare server or client.

I keep reading about the possibility to emulate NetWare on a Linux
box in HOWTO's and FAQ and INFOSHEETS. Who in this newsgroup has any
experience with NetWare emulation? How difficult is it to set up? How
stable is it?

Jelle-Frodo Huisman
Wormerveer, The Netherlands

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