Sys Admins Only

Sys Admins Only

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Could someone(s), not unduly stressed, please fill this out?
I am in my first semester of Unix. I like such features as scripting
and regualr expressions. I need to get some informational interviews as
part of job retraining program. Please help and respond to appropriate

Your Name:

Job Title:


Company Phone #:

1.Current qualifications needed for an entry level position at your co.

Education or Training:

Degree or Certificate:

Prior Work related experience required and the number of years:

Other experience required:

Additional Qualifications:

2. How did you get your experience, training or education for this job?

Specific computer software used on job:

3. How long have you been in your current position:

4. What are the entry-level job titles in this company that would
   prepare a person for this position:

5.What job titles in your company can you advance to from this position

6. What is future outlook for this type of work, industry-wide:

7. Have there been layoffs and/or high turnover in this company.
   If so, why:

8. What do you like best about your job:

9. What do you like the least about your job:

10. What tasks do you do on a typical day:

    1.                                   2.

    3.                                   4.

    5.                                   6.

    7.                                   8.

11. What are some of the personal qualities needed for this job:

    1.                                   2.

    3.                                   4.

12. What are the salary ranges for this type of work?(entry to top wage)

13. What job benefits are available with this company:

14. How did you find this job? (networking, newspaper ad, emp. agency)

15.Do you know someone else I could talk to about this line of work:

   Name:                        email address:
   Name:                        email address:

16. What is the attitude about hiring someone with a certificate
    but who lacks experience:

17. Do you know how applicants are chosen for interviews:

18. What are the priorities in hiring applicants:

19. Is Cisco router knowledge very helpful:

20. How much hardware-PC technician work is needed for the job:

21. Is Windows networking knowledge required also?

Thank you very much!
Stephen Harris

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Before you buy.


1. difference between Sys Admin & Sys Analyst?

A Systems Administrator is usually above a Systems Analyst.  A Sys Admin
is responsible for the administration and upkeep of a system(s).  SysAdmins
are often in a management position (Director of Information Systems, Systems
Manager, etc).

A Systems Analyst is one who analyzes manual or automated processes and
determines how best to automate them.  It often involves programming, but
not always.  Often SysAdmins start out as Analysts.

This is very brief, but gives you the idea.
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