Keep Time and Date when FTPing

Keep Time and Date when FTPing

Post by Tbo » Thu, 23 May 1996 04:00:00

Is there a way to preserve the data and time of the file your sending so
it has the same date and time on the remote system when you FTP it there



1. date/time of a file compare with current date/time


I hope i can drop my question about Linux shell programming here?

I'm writing a script in bash to find files. I'm using the slocate
programm, which is being runned every hour using a cron job, to create
it's database.

Now i want to know how long it is ago that the database has been
recreated. Zo i need to check the date and time from that file and
compare it with the current date and time. I know there must be easy to
do but i can't find the trick to do it.

Maikel van Gorkom

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