question: learning about csh & term

question: learning about csh & term

Post by Eli K. Bu » Wed, 25 Mar 1992 20:48:09

1) Is there an ftp site that would have documents describing csh & term?
I find the man pages a little cryptic.

2)How can I set the tab stop for cat, more, exectra...
Can I do this from a dot file
  - such as I can for vi--> setenv EXINIT 'set tabstop=4'
I have been doing (but I don't want to convert tabs to spaces):
  expand -4 filename

Please email me.

thanks in advance,


1. Best way to set term and TERM for csh?

I want to get prompted for my term type everytime I log in
because I don't always use vt100 emulation but I'm confused
about what is the best way to do this.  My first question is:

* Is it best to do this in .cshrc or .login?  It seems like
  the answer is .login since this is something you only need
  to do at login (i.e., you don't need to do this when you
  spawn a shell, etc.).

Next question:

* Is it better to use some form of tset or something like this:

if (!($?term) || ("$term" == '')) set term = unknown

if (($term == 'network') || ($term == 'unknown')) then
        echo 'Please select the appropriate terminal type.'
        echo -n 'default is vt100: '
        set term = "$<"
        if ("$term" == '') set term = vt100

Thanks for your help,


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