Socket, socket, who's got the socket?

Socket, socket, who's got the socket?

Post by Angelique Wahlste » Mon, 02 Apr 1990 10:05:00

A few questions about sockets on 4.3 BSD...

Are sockets queue-bound in the same way FIFOs are? That is, if the
first block of data has been written to a socket but hasn't been
read yet by the time the second block of data comes, will the 2nd block
be put in a queue behind the first one? Or will the 1st block be over-

If the answer for above is no, how do I go around to fix this, other than
writing code explicitly to support queues?

Another question: if I fix a socket not to block (via a fcntl and FNDELAY),
will the socket lose the property to queue blocks of data (assuming the
socket, in general, is queue-bound)?

Thanks in advance for any answers. Sorry if I sound a bit vague...
with *very* little documentation on sockets, I'm practically working
in the dark with them.

Angeli "Ms. Pepper" Wahlstedt

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Socket, socket, who's got the socket?

Post by Ron Natal » Tue, 03 Apr 1990 00:55:00

Sockets are queues.