porting a win32 dll to a unix environment

porting a win32 dll to a unix environment

Post by Idelso Quinte » Fri, 25 Apr 2003 23:40:59

Hi everyone:
Is there any way to use a win32 dll on a Unix environment?. We have
some good Win32 applications that we would like to migrate to Unix,
but we are new to the Unix world, so we dont know if it is possible in
any way. If someone could point me to an article, site or book about
it, i would really appreciate it.



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Hi All--
  I am porting a Win32 dll that I wrote (as part of an application) to
Linux.  I am quite familier with application development in the linux
enviornment, but have never tried to write a library which is what I
would like to do.  So, my problems are two fold.  First, how does one go
about creating a library for linux (I believe the correct terminoligy is
a shared library, correct if I am wrong)?  Second, in a Win32 dll, there
is a notion of the DllMain function which windows calls when the dll is
first mapped into a processs address space.  This function is also
called each time a thread opens the dll.  The end result is that when a
single threaded app opens the library this function is called, and I am
able to do library related initialization.  Then when the process
terminates this function is again called (with a different input
parameter) so I can cleanup the library.  Is there a similar process
when a linux library is loaded.  

  I would appreciate any links or help about how to go about doing my

Thanks in advance

Eric Shapow

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