Help with YACC

Help with YACC

Post by Michael Sto » Fri, 11 Jan 1991 15:24:58

When compiling a grammar file as shown below,

    yacc -v -d grammar.y20

I receive the following error message,

fatal error: too many terminals, limit 127, line 232

y.output contains,

127/127 terminals, 0/300 nonterminals
1/600 grammar rules, 0/750 states
0 shift/reduce, 0 reduce/reduce conflicts reported
0/350 working sets used
memory: states,etc. 0/12000, parser 0/12000
0/600 distinct lookahead sets
0 extra closures
0 shift entries, 0 exceptions
0 goto entries
0 entries saved by goto default

Does anyone know how to change the terminals setting to allow for more?

Thanks in advance.


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Hello! Recently I have been asked to modify an existing piece of
software. The portion which parse the input file was written in
YACC format but only the C codes are available now (all the .y
files were not provided). In the .c generated from the .y, there
are a lot of arrays of numbers which don't mean anything to me
eg. yyexca[], yypact[] and so on.

There is another piece of C code which holds the valid name of the
various parameters recognized by the software. Now my question is,
is it safe for me to just modify these C code and count on the yacc
generated C code to work well?

Please reply by email. Thanks!

Teng-Kiat Lee                        VLSI CAD & Design Lab

Voice:    (065)-772-6319             10 Kent Ridge Crescent
          (065)-467-1518             Singapore 0511

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