--stupid question but then there are no stupid questions--

--stupid question but then there are no stupid questions--

Post by Eric Chuan » Fri, 07 May 1993 11:41:37

        I'm a beginner here so, so far everything i read has gone
    way over my head. My problem is I got a script sent to me
    decoded or something like that. You are supposed to enter the
    data into a uudecode or something but I'm not sure how that's
    done. There's a program on the university's main menu that
    called UUDECODE but everytime I run it through it, it says it
    can't open the file. Comments ??????? Help ?



1. Stupid, stupid, stupid...

Hi All,

<hangs head in shame>

I've downloaded the latest patchpro from sun, and like a stupid idiot
didn't read the instructions and installed the packages using

pkgadd -d /export/home/luser/pproSunOSx865.9re2.2

this listed 11 packages, and I blindly installed them all. Now when I
installed patchpro using the setup script it install but doesn't run

Is there a way roll back these packages that I have installed, and if I
take a note of them, will it put the system back the way it was before,
or has this overwritten some previous versions files.

I have uninstalled patchpro using the uninstall script BTW.

Needless to say, this is not a production server!
Many thanks in advance,


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