comp.unix.apps (Re: comp.unix.sco)

comp.unix.apps (Re: comp.unix.sco)

Post by Peter da Sil » Thu, 03 May 1990 21:13:13

  [ about non-technical UNIX users] Feeding

Quote:> comp.unix.xenix or comp.unix.i386 to them is a total waste.  I've tried it and
> the stuff is simply not read as most of it is way over their heads or plainly
> not of interest from their vantage-point.

There are existing groups for applications: comp.text, comp.databases, etc.
Since many of these applications have DOS equivalents (many are copies of DOS
programs) perhaps these groups would be better.

Quote:> In the small systems world Xenix is still the
> standard.

And there is a group for that.

Quote:> The current vitriolic debate about comp.unix.sco could probably have been
> avoided by having asked for a 386 applications specific subgroup that most
> current readers of comp.unix.xenix or comp.unix.i386 would not have been
> interested in and probably not opposed either.  At least, that is how I see
> the need being that I'm not privy to the proposer's real intent.

I agree. My original article on splitting up comp.unix included a
comp.unix.apps group. This was not thought a good idea by others, so I dropped
it. Perhaps it needs to be reconsidered.

Quote:> Perhaps there are others out there who actually have user/customers on the
> net?  What say ye to such a group?

I say, let's have a Call For Discussion.

        New groups:


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                comp.unix.microport -> comp.unix.i286

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