Using Winnt to control VisionFS login

Using Winnt to control VisionFS login

Post by Bob Kan » Thu, 10 Jul 2003 23:39:27

We have both NT and Unix servers.  While the NT box is the PDC, users may
telnet to the Unix box to use a cost accounting package.  This package
generates reports that  we want to access from various Windows boxes.  By
hacking the registry of  Win9X and NT one can enable plain text passwords
and thus access to VisionFS shares.  We found, however, that even when plain
text passwords are enabled in Windows XP, these shares are not accessible
and have been searching for a way around this problem.

 In VisionFS, Profedit, one can select how access is controlled through
password control.  There are three options, use UNIX password (not
encrypted), use VisionFS passwords (encrypted), or use a domain server.
Obviously the first option is not going to work and since I don't want to
re-enter all the users names and password in VisionFS, the second option is

 I tried the third option and set it to use the NT server as the source of
login control. ( VisionFS would not recognize the server name but would
recognize the IP address of it) This works well to a point, but only for
users who's NT accounts are set to "user may logon to all workstations".  I
would like to set users accounts to only logon to specific workstations but
cannot find a way to do this.  Apparently NT does not recognize the name of
the server nor IP address of the server where VisionFS resides.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how we could set users accounts to logon to
specific workstations, including the visionFS server?


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I have a client who is using a setup with SCO 5.0.2 running Unix apps,
plus  serving a Win95 Network running a product called Goldmine
(DBASExxx/Clipper ?) with about 16 users.  I have been quite happy
with the overall performance - speed, reliability etc, etc - but now
the client wants to move to maybe 32 users for the Win95 Network.

'Others' are saying we must move to NT but I don't accept that will
give better performance than OS 5.0.4/Vision FS (and does AFPS give
better performance than VisionFS ?).  Does anyone have any pointers to
benchmarks, or have any defendable arguments as to the preferred
choice ?

I don't want to start a religious debate here :)



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