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Hi, I'm wondering if it's possible to install NIS or DNS on my
standalone Sun workstatation. I know it's useless if it's not connected
to internet. The problem is when I use ppp connecting to ISP server, I
have to do almost everything(related to networking) on server side.
Nslookup is also not working properly.

Thanks for your advice.
Jack Wang
Computing Science    


1. DNS w/ NIS (NIS getting in the way?)

We are running a 4.1.3_U1 Sun machine which is configured as a primary
NIS server for  It is also the primary DNS for
We have just recently made this machine a secondary DNS for three other
domains:,, and  Now here's
the problem...  we can resolve names from using nslookup, or
various applications (ping, telnet).  We can also resolve names from the
other three domains using nslookup, but *not* from the applications.  (All the
zone transfers have happened, and all data is correct).  None of the names
we are trying to resolve overlap between NIS & DNS.  The odd thing is that
it seems that the DNS is not being consulted by the applications when they are
attempting to resolve name from the 3 other domains (ie, starting named in
debug mode produces no output from application resolutions).

  However, after changing the domainname of a system attempting the resolution
to anything but, DNS resolutions work!  It appears that NIS
is getting in the way, and not allowing DNS queries when the NIS domain name
is the same as the DNS domain name.

Is there any way to get this to work other than changing our NIS domain name?

elvis%  nslookup

elvis%  telnet host unknown.

elvis%  ypmatch  hosts
        Can't match key .....

but after
elvis%  domainname
elvis%  telnet
elvis%  ypmatch hosts
        <blank line, so this came from DNS>

This is driving me crazy!?!  Is it just that it is impossible to run an
NIS primary, DNS primary with the same domain names and a DNS secondary?
Any help, comments, thoughts, and/or resolutions would be much

Shawn Robinson

(Please let me know if you have experienced similar problems, or it sounds like
a simple misconfiguration....anything would be useful)


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