HELP: How do I generate function and special key signals???

1. Function keys under X-Windows: Why do the generate the keys they do?

I think this is not a Linux question per se, but rather one related to
XFree-86 in particular and probably to IBM PC hardware based X servers in

The question is: Why do the (IBM-PC) function keys generate the sequence of
keys that they do?  I have found the following:

        keys            chars generated
        =====           ===============
        F1-F5           {esc}[1[1-5]~   (That is, escape, bracket, 11-15, tilde)
        F6-F10          {esc}[17-21]~   (That is, escape, bracket, 17-21, tilde)
        F11-F12         {esc}[23-24]~   (That is, escape, bracket, 23-24, tilde)

I have two questions:
        1) Why the funny sequences in general?  I suppose this is more of a
           historical question than anything else.
        2) Why the weird numerical sequences (11-15, 17-21, and 23-24) ?

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