Printers and SNA

Printers and SNA

Post by Fran » Mon, 14 Apr 2003 07:29:48

I want it know before I ask my two questions that I have spent a lot of time
reading the Handbook, and FAQ, as well as two other books trying to
understand the answers given.

My first question is how do I know if a particular printer is compatible
with BSD?  The reference material writes about setting them up, but how do I
know the printer will be compatible in the first place?

My second question is what does BSD use to facilitate communication between
a PC server and an IBM mainframe?  Is there a program or module similar to
SNA server?


1. LINUX-SNA : problem with sna tools

I install my kernel 2.3.39 with patch net-fun for sna connection ==> without
But, when i compiled sna tools, i didn't know what configured the snaconfig,
because the documentation isn't present with this tools.
Help me please, if you are some documentations for SNA TOOLS.

P.S Sorry, my english is very bad.

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