Generalized Memory Allocation Package

Generalized Memory Allocation Package

Post by David S Chech » Fri, 28 Dec 1990 20:45:50

I would like a memory allocation tool that works like malloc/free but
for which I can define an area (start and length) from which it should
take its allocations.  If you are aware of such a library, please
let me know by email.

Dave Chechik
Motorola Israel Ltd.
Tel Aviv

Dave Chechik
Cellular Software Engineering
Motorola Israel Ltd.
Tel Aviv


1. Anybody know a good package to debug memory allocation/freeing?

Does anybody know of a good package to help debugging the flow of
memory allocation and freeing in ones program, preferable
non-commercial one?

It seems that I am freeing a buffer somewhere in my code, that should
not be de-allocated, but I simply won't find the cause of the problem.

Any ideas appreciated!


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