Killfiles in RN/RN in general

Killfiles in RN/RN in general

Post by Bill Marc » Sun, 21 May 1995 04:00:00

>I am learning how to use RN to read news on my account at Nyx, which
>is a unix account. I have read through comp.unix.questions and news.
>newusers.questions with no success--is there a newsgroup about RN?

>I found out how to get a prompt (right now I have chosen a menu
>shell) and started using rn yesterday and successfully subscribed
>to 2 groups. I've been reading news using "n" for 2 years and finally
>got tired of it. :)

>My questions:

>1. How do I do a killfile? I have no control key on any of the
>terminals I can use. "k" when used after reading a post does not
>seem to have any effect, although the help file says it should
>kill that subject.

You have no control key?  How can you edit your messages?  What kind of
terminal is it, a TRS80 Model 1?  (can't be that, it has lower case).
Lowercase "k" will only junk existing messages on the current subject.  
Capital "K" will kill that subject.
Quote:>2. When I just want to read another group and not subscribe to
>it, is there a way to do this? Currently, I have been told to
>look at groups using the "g" command, but then it asks me to
>tell it whether I want to subscribe or not, and when I say no,
>it throws me back to the prompt without letting me read it. I
>want to be subscribed to only 2 groups and read a few others
>when I am interested in them, without subscribing to them. Surely
>this is possible.

With rn or trn, you can't read a group without subscribing.  But you can
unsubscribe simply by pressing "u".

 >3. I also recently started reading my email without the menu.

Quote:>At the prompt, I type "mail" and my mail comes up. However,
>I cannot seem to delete it once I read it. It says that you
>are supposed to type "d <message list>" That is rather vague.
>What does that mean? What do I type there? I have tried EVERYTHING
>with no success. The only way I have been able to delete it
>is to ftp to that account and delete the whole thing.

You should be able to delete all the messages by typing 'd *'.
Some systems have two programs called mail and mailx.  Mailx is a little
smarter than mail; it understands commands like 'd 1-10'.

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