Project Management Tool on Unix

Project Management Tool on Unix

Post by Joel Nah » Fri, 08 Apr 1994 17:02:06

I'm looking for a simple public domain tool, to be run on Unix,
which helps project management by scheduling of tasks according
to dates, resources and dependencies.  Preferred output of this tool
is a PostScript file.

I know that there are some tools which runs on MAC or PC and do
that and more, but, as I said, I need a tool which runs on Unix
(SUN SPARC is my machine).

Thanks in advance for any information,



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Anyone maintain a list of UNIX Project Management or
CASE tools ? I do need something general that will
allow me to manage an entire project cycle rather
than just the software build cycle. Maybe something
like Microsoft Project ? (which I use now.)

Thanks in advance,


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