Exercisers/Diagnostics for UNIX systems

Exercisers/Diagnostics for UNIX systems

Post by Brian Ullma » Sun, 06 Jun 1993 08:12:31

Hello -

Does anyone know of any 'C' based programs that will
exercise/stress a system. Yes, I know this is pretty
vague but I'm just putting out a feeler...

I'm looking for something that will grab up memory and
run patterns or simulate "user" memory usage and also
read/write blocks of data to a given list of devices
attached to the system (tapes, dasd, crts, network,
etc., etc.).

The catch is that it must come from freely available

Please respond my email to save bandwidth...

Thanks for any pointers you can give me.


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Hi, I am in the process of evaluating different file system and
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test programs to measure the speed and the reliability (I also plan
to generate some "unexpected" events by unplugging the power, etc.)

Is there some comprehensive suit of such exersizer programs available
on the net? If not, what do you think a good set of tests would be?

Thanks a lot,

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