Allowing FTP upload but not download

Allowing FTP upload but not download

Post by Wes K » Thu, 24 Nov 1994 05:50:30

Our sys admin is trying to configure anonymous FTP to our site such that
an outside user could upload a file to a particular directory but not be
able to download or get a list of files in that directory for security
purposes. The best he's been able to do is to allow uploads and prevent
directory lists, but someone could still "get" a file if the filename were

Is this secure enough if different users were using obscure enough
filenames, or can you use wildcards to "get" all the files in a directory
during anonymous FTP? Is there a way to give several users this sort of
secure access without giving them all separate directories/accounts?

Some specifics about our system: we're running SCO Unix System V/386
version 3.2, using the Bourne shell for login. All combinations of "R",
"W", and "X" rights have been tried without successfully creating a setup
as described above.

E-mail replies preferred.
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Here is the problem: I am using ppp to connect to Internet. I've recently
discovered that when I try to upload large files ( 0.1-2MB,  mostly tar.gz
archives) via ftp it takes really long time. Trying the upload with the
hash marks on shows that uproximmately 50-100 K gets uploaded ( this is
how many
########################## appear) and then the transfer seems to stall.
Short files (1-50K) eventually get uploaded( albeit very slowly).  The
speed of FTP downloads is consistent with what I expect (2.8-3K/sec on a
28.8 modem) during the same connection, and this happens no matter what
server I try to upload a file to.

Is this likely to be an FTp or ppp problem? FTPing from WIN95 using the
same ISP  works fine both ways.

What debugging strategy would you suggest? Also-- this is something I
couldn't find from the FAQ/HOWTO/locate ppp|grep doc:
How do I find out what the negotiated connection speed has been set? (When
dialing from win, I usually get 24000 baud)

TIA for any info or suggestions. I am using the RedHat 4.1 distribution,
with no changes ( to the best of my knowledge) to relevant " factory

Best Wishes,

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