3270 comm emulation

3270 comm emulation

Post by Robert Barre » Sat, 12 May 1990 08:46:40

     Does anyone know of a 3270 communications emulation program within
comp.unix.sources, or the like?  I am looking for something which would do
these functions with a normal modem, unlike SCO's Unipath SNA 3270 which
requires a special interface board.  We currently have an application which
uses a program called "packet3270" under DOS, and it is the only remaining
reason we have for having DOS on that machine.  If something could be found
to use a standard, Hayes-compatible modem and emulate 3270 communications
under unix or xenix, we could make better use of that machine.  Please respond
by e-mail, and I will post a summary if anyone wishes one.  Thanks.

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1. telnet 3270 emulation

I am trying to use the 3270 emulation feature of the telnet client:

$ telnet
telnet> emulate 3270
Now emulating a 3270 terminal

When I open a 3270 session to our mainframe however, I can't seem to use
what appears to be the 'clear' function default of '^z'.  I am doing
this all through telnet from another machine, which may be causing
trouble.  Is anyone aware of how to use the mapped keys in this 3270

Matt Collins


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