tn3270 source code

tn3270 source code

Post by Martin A. So » Sat, 27 Jun 1992 06:15:58

I'd like to install tn3270 in a NCR system 3000 machine running SVR4.
Any pointers to the right source code for this configuration would be
appreciated.  I have access to anonymous FTP.

Thanks in advance,

Martin Soto


1. tn3270 or telnet daemon source code (for HP) ?


Does anyone know where I can find the source code for telnetd (daemon), if
possible the telnet daemon that supports 3270.  I am currently working on a
project to write a tn3270 daemon that starts up a CICS application on HP900
running HP-UX 9.0.

It would help me if there is a source code out there, so that I do not have to
re-invent the wheel.

Thanks in advance :-)

Hemant Shah
(708) 960 0133  Ext:64

I haven't lost my mind, it's backed on tape somewhere. :-)

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