erratic syslog behavior

erratic syslog behavior

Post by MATTHEW JOHN HALLA » Sat, 07 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Quote:> When I type: logger -p kern.debug "this is a test" nothing happens -

from my experience, syslog doesnt except anything below severity err on
the kern facility from anything but the kernel itself (the kern facility
is special in this way)

Quote:> nor when trying local5.notice (which I had recently defined and was
> testing).  kern.debug comes as part of the default definitions for /
> etc/syslog.conf.

i presume you added something like..
        local5.debug    /var/adm/messages
- you have to be sure to use tabs rather than spaces

Quote:> the numerical table prints out like this (hand typing as I  only have
> a printout with me:

7x2533333333 FILE: /var/adm/messages

ok, an explanation of the table, each row represents an action - in this
case "write to file /var/adm/messages", there should be a row for each
line in you conf file, plus some "UNUSED"
If you have "UNUSED" followed by a filename then it would write to
but "filename" doesnt exist.

Each column represents a facility.. column 1 is the kern facility, 2 =
3 = mail, 4 = daemon, 5 = auth.
The numbers represent the severity.. 0 = emerg, 1 = alert, 2 = crit etc,
x means that this facility doesnt use this action. So in this case,
and above will be written, nothing from user facility will written,
and more severe will be written, etc etc



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