Pointer: Foiling spam and other procmail email-filter tips

Pointer: Foiling spam and other procmail email-filter tips

Post by Alan Conno » Fri, 04 Jul 2003 12:29:44

Quote:> The gentle readers processing their email on a Unix-system, or
> getting their email through a Unix-based system, might be interested
> in the following information.

>  Foiling Spam with an Email Password System
>  http://www.uwasa.fi/~ts/info/spamfoil.html
>  Last-Modified: Wed 25-Jun-2003 10:46:27

GREAT concept.

I am using the version that goes in my .procmailrc and it works like a

Learned a lot setting it up too.

Any mail that comes in that's in html gets dumped and the sender gets a
request to re-send it in plain text.

Next, My preffered list that lets anyone on it through and sends them a

Next is the kill list, which only has one entry to date.

Next my master password,  for those on the preferred list that are mailing me
from an address not included there. Sends receipt.

Now, for Professor Salmi's Password section, which sends a temporary password
and note to anyone not on the preferred list, and dumps their mail.

All in my .procmailrc.

Thanks Professor. No spam now.


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