Sun 'find' is missing '-maxdepth'!

Sun 'find' is missing '-maxdepth'!

Post by willi.. » Thu, 28 Jan 1993 02:54:59

The find program on Sun OS does not contain the -maxdepth option.  How
can I get the effect of -maxdepth 1 in a directory containing
subdirectories?  I want find to -exec a command on all of the files in
the directory, but NOT on the files contained in the subdirectories.
If I use -prune, nothing is done since the file I'm specifying is a
directory.  I've tried various combinations of -prune, -depth, and
-type to no avail.


'find /dira/dirb -print -maxdepth 1' does what I want - prints file1
thru file4, but not file5 thru file7.

How can I do the same thing on the current version of Sun OS on a
Sparc 2?

Thanks for any help!!