Summary of answers: does strcpy fail to return a "char *" anywhere?

Summary of answers: does strcpy fail to return a "char *" anywhere?

Post by Arthur David Ols » Tue, 02 Jan 1990 20:25:00

Thanks to everyone who responded to my question about systems where
the function strcpy does not return a "char *".  (The question came up
as a result of a "lint -p" command on a 4.3BSD system griping that
strcpy's value was used but that none was returned.)

No one who responded knew of a system where strcpy fails to return its
first argument.
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tempfile=/tmp/`basename ${0}.$$`

if [ $# -ne 1 ] ; then
        echo ${0}: I must have a file to work on

if [ -r $1 ] ; then
        if [ -w $1 ] ; then
                sed -e 's/<imbeded c/r (or is is l/f?)>//' $1 > $tempfile
                mv $tempfile $1
                echo ${0}: Sorry, I can\'t change $1
        echo ${0}: I can\'t read $1

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