Probs with dump on a Travan TR-4 Tape

Probs with dump on a Travan TR-4 Tape

Post by Rainer Gubansk » Tue, 29 Dec 1998 04:00:00

i have a problem to get my Travan TR-4 Streamer work correctly with dump on my
Linux box.
Dump does not determine the right capacity of my Sony QTR-4 Tapes.
Beeing annoyed with all the parameters and Options of dump and believeing
some people who stated that dump will itself calculate the right size i did a

dump 0uf /dev/nst0 /

to backup my root Partition, which is about 50 MB. On a QTR-4 Tape you can
store 4GB uncompressed, so i thought i have plenty of space. But dump says
1.03 Tapes are needed for the backup :(
With Tar i get all my whole disks on the tape and have even space left :)
But i want to do my backups with dump, because the features of dump and
restore are superior to fiddling with tar when restoring.

So my question: Which info is needed by dump to calculate the right size of
my tape?

If this is a FAQ, a RTFAQ or RTFM (stating which faq or which fm) is ok,
though i read the man page for dump and can not get the right info out of
it so it seems that i need a more detailed advice.

Thanks in advance

  Rainer Gubanski

Rainer Gubanski


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